“I believe in a simple equation for success in life: give a person a powerful experience and you will make them a powerful leader. Tomorrow’s leaders and influencers are being developed today on college campuses, in community organizations, and businesses all over the world. It’s my desire to bring a mix of intuitive processing with time tested business and personal development tools. This “mix” is the key to developing a powerful environment to produce powerful people. Raised just outside of Detroit, and having lived in multiple cities across America, I have had the privilege of meeting people from all backgrounds. In addition, with a Masters in Social Work and a history as a licensed therapist, I know the founding principles of human motivation. As a well-traveled international speaker, I have found my passion in bringing people to the realization of true empowerment through recognizing their own dreams. By adding a personal goal timeline and incorporating skill set identification, many experience a personal awakening. That awakening then allows them to move forward into their destiny and fulfillment in life. A fulfilled staff is always comprised of motivated and hardworking team players.”

Annie Byrne